Aries Aries: March 21 – April 19

Nickel Free 9ct Yellow Gold Pair of Studs. One has an Aries Constellation made up of multiple Cubic Zirconia gems designed to fit up the ear on one side and the other is a stud with a single crystal. 

CZ Gems x1 (1mm) x3 (2mm)
Length of Constallation Star Bar: 13mm x 7mm
Depth of Bar: 2mm
Stud Wire Length: 12mm
Weight: 0.45g

Sold as a Pair


The sign of Aries covers 0° to 30° of celestial longitude, is represented by The Ram, which is based on the Chrysomallus – the flying ram that provided the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology. Aries is associated with the First House, known traditionally as Vita (Latin for life) and in the modern context as the “House of Self”. Aries is associated with Fire, and the ruling celestial body of Aries is Mars.


9ct Gold Gem Constellation Zodiac Earrings - Aries

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